Caring for the Creek

Charity Commission No. 287315

Using the harbour

What you need to know


Be aware that the Harbour has many dangers. By coming on to the Hard and/or the Creek area you acknowledge and agree to the following:
  • The Hard is not a car park and may flood at high tide
  • You come to the Hard and the Creek at your own risk and you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your family and friends
  • The ebb flow (outgoing tide) can be very dangerous
  • Do not cross the Creek unless you know the state of the tide and the time of high tide, and are sure you can get back
  • Boats of 8 feet or more must be licensed and insured to use the Harbour. They must be driven safely and must watch out for and give way to swimmers
  • The use of Jet Skis or Waterskiing is not permitted
  • Camping or caravans are not allowed on the Hard. No overnight parking.
  • Please do not leave litter, and clean up after your dog.

More guidance is displayed at the entrance to the Hard – please read this.

Navigation Update

The local aids to navigation at Burnham Overy Staithe, under the management of Burnham Overy Harbour Trust, are inspected annually by an Officer of Trinity House.


Burnham Overy Boathouse (which is entirely independent of the Harbour Trust) operates two webcams overlooking the Staithe.

Boat Licences

All craft (boats, paddle boards, kayaks, inflatables) must be licensed to use the Harbour. A licence allows the boat to be launched and used in the Harbour, but does not include a right to park or moor the boat.

It is a requirement that you have third party insurance before you launch.

The current Annual Fees for all moored or launched craft including sail and paddleboards are:

1 Day Visitor: £5

Annual Fees

Overall Length up to 8ft: £15.00

Overall Length 8ft – 20ft:  £30.00

Overall Length over 20ft: £50.00

Licences, membership and donations are accessible through the Licence Application tab at the top of the page. All users will need to set up an account for 2023 to capture the required data. Subsequent renewals will only involve confirming data is correct and making payment.  


The Trust having been granted a lease of the bed of the creek by the Holkham Estate aims to ensure that those who use moorings can continue to do so safely, and that the fairway is kept clear so boats can make passage without danger to others. Any moorings found to have been laid without consent may be removed.

There are no moorings currently vacant and there is no waiting list.